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if I "soft" delete a DmsObject, it is moved to the "recycle bin".

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I'm looking for some way to undo the deletion in the ui. Therefore a listing of the recycle bin content is welcome. Perhaps I'm just missing the correct API method.

A request via dmsService.getDmsObject(...) results in a 404. Is there any way to access this object programmatically? And if, what's the semantic of the recycle bin? Is it "on a per user basis" security wise?



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Hello Dennis,

the recycle bin behaves just like the windows recycle bin. Objects that are soft deleted are put into the recycle bin and can either be restored or permanently deleted. It is designed to be done either by the user or by any admin user but right now there is no possibility to access the recycle bin outside of the management studio, so it is limited to admin users.


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I implemented a "user recycle bin"-functionality via lifecycle flags on the dms objects. I was wondering if reeinvented the wheel and  could just use the existing recycle bin. Thanks for the clarification!
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You can restore deleted objects in the mangement-studio.

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