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Hello OS-Team,

I have a problem when I use the serach Service with the request parameter "size".
In the documentation it is outlined as followed:

size - optional parameter; default is 100 - RequestParam

After a little search in the internet a request param is appended to the URL
with a ? as a delimiter.

When I use the URL http://enaioserver.de/search?size=50

I get the following error:

500 (Internal Server Error)
IllegalStateException: No endpoint mapping for service [search?size=50] found!

Can you tell me where I made a mistake.

Thank you for the answer in advance.

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Not OS here, but the correct url would be http://enaioserver.de/search/?size=50

A nice trick is to just execute the search though the UI and inspect the request in the developer tools of your browser.

I hope this helps.

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This works. Thank you for the help.

I did not see the forest for the trees ;-)