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Hello dear enaio-developers,

currently i experience the following issue:

  1. I start the full indexing task.
  2. It successfully indexes about 1/3 of our documents/objects
  3. Suddenly the task disappears from the list of the running tasks and the aggregation numbers in the search dashboard are not being updated anymore.
  4. According to the service manager logs, however, the indexing runs uninterrupted and indexservice continues to perform the task.

Here some screenshots:

Did you encounter this issue before? If you require more information - please let me know.
Any help appreciated!

Best wishes,

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The issue was solved in the latest redline releases (since 5.2.3).
We've tested it in multiple environments.
Thank you!

Best wishes,

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Hi Umar,

could you please contact our support wrt. this problem?
(if it is still present)


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