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Hello OS-Team,

we want to search and change indexdata of files via REST-WS.

I used the service provider /rest-ws/service/result and the endpoint query.

If a search for a folder where for example the string field should be empty,
I used these parameters:


this works fine. But if a do the same with a tagging field an error is returned:

Unexpected element type. Expecting a [SimpleType]. Bot got a

So I guess I have to change the query. I tried to change the query to


but nothing works.

What is the right way to search for an empty tagging-field?

Thanks in advance.

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the endpoint query of /rest-ws/service/result does not support complex datatypes like tables (and the tagging fields are basically tables with only one column) as far as I know.

To search for anything regarding tables and/or tagging fields you'll have to use the search service.
See https://developer.enaio.org/redline/display/onpremise/Search Service API for more information.

Hope that helps!

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You can also use the eSQL endpoint /rest-ws/service/result/raw and use the "containsrowwithcondition" construct like below:
"select * from dms:<typename> where <tablename> containsrowwithcondition(<tablename>record.<columnname> = 'value')"
for example: "select * from dms:servakte where techidentnrn containsrowwithcondition(techidentnrnrecord.techidentnr = '0815')"

This call is not optimal in regard to performance though.
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Thank you for the answer. It works for me with the Search Service API.