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I might have missed it in the docs, but is there any component documentation for @eo-sdk/client?

I'm searching for something like https://material.angular.io/components/categories



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The core library does not contain any GUI component. This is what will come within version 5.x step by step. The component library with its first components will come in Q3/19.

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Thanks for your answer. I thought I could easily achieve a consistent Look and Feel in my custom states and save some upfront investment by using existing components, e.g. tab navigation.

In the meantime I stick to angular material.
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Is there any update on this? We would also like to use components such as eo-tree from @eo-sdk/client.
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We are looking forward to releasing a component library for the new yuuvis API/flex client within the next months. But currently, there is no planning, when this library will be adapted in any way to the yuuvis RAD client.
But you may copy such parts from the published client code as well.
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To share some thoughts on this...

We started with some customization (aka plugins) for the existing RAD client. As we went along it becamme pretty clear, that the approach is not applicable to our needs.We jumped ship and started wirting our own client based on @eo-sdk/core.

As of today we completely switched to Yuuvis API and dropped @eo-sdk/core altogether. We implemented the whole REST access/schema in 1,5 person months. I retrospect we should have done it earlier. The @eo-core/sdk is somwhat opinionated towards a specific use case, which isn't a bad decision at all. But for out use case, it just wasn't a good fit. We ended up with tailwind css and wirting all the rest (no pun intended) by ourselves.

If you really depend on components and time is an issue, Syncfusion might be a good choice.

Just my 2cts and your mileage may vary,
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Hm, you wrote that you have changed the backend from yuuvis RAD to yuuvis API. In this case, the @eo-sdk/core can't be used either.
For yuuvis API there will come a new core library escorted by a component library including ready to user GUI components for rapid development of new Clients within the next months.
Nevertheless, our client team is interested in getting a look at your new library. Possible?
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Are there any updates about the documentation?

We are using the @eo-skd/client 6.10.0 and I can't find a detailed documentation about it.

Specifically, I can't find which parameter I can use for <eo-dynamic-list> such as [listObject] or [readonly].

I would like to know, if there is a possibility to set a default value.

Thank you

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