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Hello dear enaio-development Team,

I've just updated my test systems to Redline 5.0.

For some reason, service manager services (index, info, search) cannot connect to elasticsearch anymore. And when i try to "curl" the system like so:

curl http://myelserver:9200/_cluster/health

i get:

/ denied!

Where is actually IP-Address of my laptop, and not of the remote myelserver machine.

I already tried to turn off the firewall on the both machines, just for a test. If I execute the above mentioned command locally (on the myelserver) - it works and returns 200. Did I miss something from the update manual?

Best wishes,

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Hi Umar,

with elasticsearch 6.3 we introduced a new security feature that allows you to control from which IP-addresses your es instance should be reachable. This defaults to localhost only. To change this you need to edit the file intrafind.yml in the elasticsearch\config folder. Just add all IP-addresses of enaio servers and if desired of additional client machines to the comma-serparated list, save it and restart elasticsearch.
After that it should work again.


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Hello Nicolai,

thank you for the quick reply!
I've added the address and it all works now.

Best wishes,