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Hello dear enaio-development Team,

we have multiple instances of enaio and on some of them the "create object" action in the web-interface takes about 1 minute to load the list of the available objects. The instances have:

  • 4 VMs each (one for dms/rendition/elasticsearch/service-manager)
  • have the same version of the corresponding services
  • have the same Schema
  • use the same MSSQL DB-VM (different instances)
  • are quite powerful and have the same hardware configuration

I checked the network connection, CPU-Load, RAM and other hardware metrics - unfortunately there are no noticeable differences between the systems.

I understand, it is almost impossible to debug this issue, without having the access to the system, but maybe you have encountered this issue before and you could provide some recommendations on what I should look for. Any ideas are appreciated!

Best wishes,

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Hi Umar,

a while ago, we have observed a similar issue in a system that had lots (but really lots) of objects in the root AND a singleton pattern also in root (only one instance of object is allowed to be stored in root). So, to show the list of available object types, not only object&rights have to be checked, but also the object instances in server, which in turn creates rather large load on the DB, in particular when lots of objects are getting created.
Singleton is in every system a performance-limiting pattern and has to be used with care. The actually did not want to use it (it was a misclicked by the modeler) and the issue was resolved by the customer by removing the singleton from the model. In addition, the server now issues warning that singleton patter may lead to performance issues.

Is your system setup comparable to that case or you are facing the issue in a much different setup?

best regards

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Hello Bratislav,

thank you very much - all works now! :)

Best wishes,