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I my process model I would like to set the display name of a field dynamically. Is it possible?
If not, I decided to set the first name as german translation and the second as english. But then I have another question: can I somehow set the language, that should be taken in the process model, dynamically? Either direct in "BeforeStart" or as a parameter in the body, if I'm calling this model from another model.

Thank you!

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the language for display names of fields is chosen by each user in his/her settings, and applies for the whole webclient.

Could you please explain what is the issue / why do you need the dynamic language selection on field-basis?

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Hello Bratislav,
I just wanted to have one process for two tasks. They are same, but in one of them I have a checkbox "Add user" and in the other one I wanted to have the same checkbox (to save the whole logic of the process) but with the name "Delete user".
Thats why I was looking for a workaround and for finding a way to change the display name dynamically.

As a workaround I am using now two fields, one checkbox with no display name and one string, which value I am using to show as a display name and which I can change dynamically.

Anyway, I dont really need this as a feature.

Thank you!

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Hi Georgii,
i would recommend dont share different business logic in a process model or the same activity. If I understand correctly, please add two different activities in parallel and add two separate datafields to the model. Then decide in a transition event if the case A or case B is relevant. Solving this issue with language change is absolutely no solution. I know, you have to define things twice but its a cleaner solution.
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