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Hello OS,

we have a wierd behavior on one of our test environments in the reference tab. Here is a screenshot of the problem.
"Anspruch" is a different object on its own, but shows under" Kunden" references.

This is the result when I search for all "Anspruch" object with the indexfield "Kundennummer" == 7000024:

This happens for every reference on this system. This is a different "Kunde". All these objects are not matching:

When I try to klick on the search button to open the references in the search hitlist (on the first screenshot that i posted) I get every "Kunde" that is currently in the system.

This system is running 4.12 with all hotfixes installed.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Peter,

I think there are several points / problems that you are addressing and I can't give you the answer to all of them right now, but here is what noticed from the information provided:
- the references tab from your first screenshot shows you all objects that are referencing your "Kunde" object. You can see that there are 202 "Anspruch" objects that are referencing to your "Kunde"
- in the second screenshot you provided you are exactly seeing those 202 "Anspruch" objects and you can also see that the fields "Anspruchsnummer" and "Kunde" are inherited from the contextfolder they are in and that the "Kunde" field is a reference field containing the id of the "Kunde" object from the first screenshot. So far I don't see any problem / error
- The third screenshot shows another "Kunde" object that many objects reference - you can see from the title that they all have the id of the "Kunde". I think this is fine as well.
- The last screenshot / point is the only thing I can't understand right now. But I also can't completely reconstruct where you clicked on the search button and what the expected result list should be. Can you please provide some more detailed information on where you clicked and what result you expected? This also applies to the first to points if you still think it is a bug / weird behavior.


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Edit: See my other answer there seems to be a problem with my screenshots, if I comment directly on your answer.
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Hello Nicolai

thank you for your time. I will try to make my problem clearer.

this is a screenshot from another system and how I would expect it to look:

You are right the actual search/reference results are correct. The problem in my inital post is that "Anspruch" objects are listed as "Kunde", "Händerauskunfts" as "Anspruch", "Fakturierbare Auskunft" as "Händerauskunft" etc. etc.

I can't show you a screenshot right now, because I dont have access to the vpn of this system, but If I were to click on one of those referenced objects I get an error message that they dont exist. If I access them any other way though, they do exist. I forgot to mention this problem.

This is a screenshot of how it would look like (I just entered a broken object id in the url of another system):

Regarding my 4th problem/screenshot:

When klicking the button I highlighted here...

...I usually would expect to get redirected to the search results, like if I was doing a normal search of all of these objects, referencing the object I am currently looking at. Like this:

Instead when I klick the search button from above I get all the 6506 customers in that system.


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I suggest to having a look onto your system. Please contact me via email to bartonitz[at]optimal-systems.de for coordination of a web-session.
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OK, this is a bug, ticket is: COOL-9104