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Hello OS,

we have the requirement for users to have their own recycle bin of their deleted objects.

The enterprise manager already provides this feature, but we need it in the client for users to be able to access this feature on their own.

Is there any way I can use this already exsisting feature to build a recycle bin on top of that or is this feature maybe even already available by default?

Thank you very much

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The recycling bin is currently part of the Enterprise-Manager. In version 5 this administrative tool is no more part of the product but is available as give a way. In the next iterations the recycling bin becomes part of the management studio. We believe that users will not delete so much objects that the bin must not be part of the client. To recover objects will more be part of administrative activities.
Nevertheless it will be possible to implement a recycling bin plugin state of a custom client.

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It is also a conceptual question: to whom "belongs" a deleted document in a DMS?

Strictly speaking, since the document may be needed by anyone with access rights to it, it should also appear in recycle bins of all such users. However, such audience is way too broad and would only confuse users that are used to a recycle bin function from operating systems.

The other straightforward alternative is to place deleted documents into the recycle bin of user that deleted it, however this does not help other users that may need the deleted document, nor they know whom to contact to get the document restored.

What remains as viable option for the product is to provide recycling bin as an administrative function and as Martin wrote, to allow customization in case some other behavior is desired in a project.

best regards

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As a follow up to this question, I see I can invoke dms/recyclebin to geh the list of objects via rest-ws just as in management-studio. However, the request does not seem to be documented in the API. Is this by intention? I was hoping to find more parameters in order to extend the fields returned.
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this is an internal endpoint (it means that it can be changed anytime without prior notice and does not have to be backward compatible).

you can see its documentation if you activate the "Show internal or deprecated services and methods" checkbox at the end of the endpoint list, but in general we discourage the use of internal methods for these reasons above - while we do not change it all the time, once it changes it can be incompatible with previous version and create issues on your side of code.

best regards,
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Thanks, Bratislav, that helps! :)

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