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since we updated to 4.12 we are not able to create objects with a specific catalog entry anymore. This consistently happens on all machines with this version.

I am trying to create an object (doesn't matter which one) with the value "Tablets" a field that references this catalog.

This is the errormessage that occurs when I try to:

> input json user meta contains invalid values. See cause message for
> more details.","callerhint":"'produktgruppe' at [1, > 729]","time":"2019-01-15T12:08:42.790Z","reportedtoclient":true,"cause":{"messages":["The > input value [Tablets] for element [produktgruppe] is not valid. See
> cause message.","Der Katalogeintrag Tablets kann für den Werttyp
> dms:importmeldung.positionsliste.positionslisterecord.produktgruppe
> nicht verwendet werden. Der Eintragstyp ist INNERENTRY, erwartet wurde
> jedoch ein Blatteintrag und nicht alle Einträge des Katalogs können
> ausgewählt werden."

This is the catalog that is used on this field:

Wierdly the values "Brenner" and "Mobiltelefone" work just fine like they used to. (Aswell as all the others)

Are there any informations I could provide that would help to identify this problem? I am not sure where to look for.


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Hello Peter,

the reason for the error is that the wrong catalog entry - the inner entry or parent entry - is selected as the value and, as the error message says, it is not possible to use it since a leaf entry is expected.
I can not tell you exactly why the server now selects the inner entry instead of the leaf entry, but it is generally not valid to give two catalog entries the same value. That it worked before is pure coincidence.
You can give catalog entries the same name but the values need to be different. Please assign each entry a unique value and use it for your request.


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