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in 3.36 version when user received BPM task, it was automatically accepted if there was just a single user assigned to it.

However after upgrading to 4.12 also for single user mode, user must Accept task, which requires extra click&wait each time.
This approach gives frustrating experience for a user and is less user friendly as it was before.

Is this behavior configurable? Is it possible to enable back the auto accept of the task as it was in version 3.36?

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We changed this behavior due to users which wanted explicitly this behavior and due to some technical issues we hat with marking BPM tasks as read.

Currently there is no way to configure the behavior.

We still wait for more feedback from other users.

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If I can comment then I have a feedback from two Enaio redline customer end users. They find "Accept task" function disturbing in cases if he/she is the only one participant.
Of course it is totally reasonable for WF steps where there are multiple recipients.
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Currently the client differentiate the read-state on BPM-tasks on taken over or not.
In future we are looking forward to introduce an additional action for setting read and unread for such actions. With this we may change back to the behavior to automatically take over a BPM-task which is addressed to only one participant.
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Hello Martin,

any updates on this?
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I am sorry, but there is no new info on the status here. This topic is still in the backlog but with low priority and without concrete planning.