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Are you planning any updates to the newer versions (at least to the 6th) of ECMAScript? Especially in backend server scripting is it relevant.

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The server-side scripts run on the Rhino Engine provided by Oracle in the JDK. The advantage here is the very good interaction between Javascript and Java. Rhino will support with the JDK9 EcmaScript 6 (link below). The JBoss is currently shipped with JDK8. An update to JDK9 or higher would require a lot of work. So we do not plan an upgrade in near time.
See some further information:
enter link description here
enter link description here
enter link description here

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could you please share some more detail about what you are missing and what you want to achieve?
Please be aware that with enaio redline 5.0 the enterprise-manager has reached its "end of life" and will only be available as a legacy app - without the scripting functionality.


It does not just affect the scripts in Enterprise Manager. The bpm server-side event scripts are also based on the nashorn  scripting engine. But your question is right. What are the missing points?
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Just some additional functionality like Array.prototype.includes(), new Set() and so on.
Of course they can be replaced with indexOf(), so it is not a 100% necessary feature, but nice to have anyway
Ok, I understand. In some cases external libraries could help. In case of bpm serverside scripting, you can import other libraries like lodash (I know, not everyone's friend, but it helps in some cases) https://lodash.com/docs/4.17.11.
Howto load? https://developer.enaio.org/redline/display/DD/BPM+Server-Side+Scripting#BPMServer-SideScripting-ExternalJavascriptLibraries
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