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I have deleted the database enaiodb and reinstalled dms-service and service-manager. My table xorgaccount does not have any values, therefore no users are available.

I need to create the root-user manually.

I have successfully run C:\enaio\dms-service\tools\create-db-tables.bat
But there is no entry, such as INSERT INTO xorgaccount ...."root"......

I have also tried to use the rest-service OrganizationService.createUser but this is also not possible because authentication failed (no user available for the connection of course)

Is there a mysql query to use directly?

Thanks for your help

Dennis Schmidt

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Hello Dennis,

it is not a recommended or supported procedure to just delete the contents of the database. If you want to reset enaio to its initial state, please delete either the entire database or all tables in the database. Then uninstall and reinstall the dms-service and let it initialize the database again. After the first startup the root user will be available again. Remember to clear / delete your work and archive storages after uninstalling the dms-service since the contained files will not be used by the dms-service anymore.

In detail:
The initialization of the database during the setup creates all tables and indices but does not create any data in it. This is also done by executing the create-db-tables.bat file. During the first startup of the dms-service there are 3 files in the folder <dms-service>\standalone\configuration called jas-organisation.xml, jas-roleset.xml and jas-users-passwords.properties. They contain the data that represent the default organisation and security-system state. If they are present the dms-service will take this data and load it into the database.
So, theoretically you could take these 3 files (partly from the backup folder) and put them into the configuration folder and after a restart of the dms-service the root user will be back. I would strongly recommend not to do so though, since there might be unknown side-effects. If it is not an absolute emergency, please delete the database and reinstall.

I hope this helps.

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