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Hello dear enaio-development Team,

for the production environment, I want to install service-manager on server1 and rendition-plus service on server2.

I want to perform the unattended installation of the enaio-rendition-plus service on server2 using the provided CLI interface.

When I execute rendtition-installer.exe --help I get a list of flags I can use to supply configuration parameters to the installer (installer version is 4.00).

Unfortunately, the rendition sidecar url cannot be set through the CLI; consequently, my rendition service runs on server2 but doesn't appear in the list of available services on my enaio service-manager instance on server1.

When I look through installation logs generated by the rendition installer, I see the dmsServer parameter to be set to localhost:7341 (which is the default rendition port).

When I perform installation of the program using GUI, the dmsServer parameter is set to the value of the rendition sidecar url provided in the installer GUI.

If i try to pass a value with the --dmsServer flag through the CLI, it is ignored and rendition sidecar url is set to the default value localhost:7341

Could you please tell me, which flag I should use to set the value for the rendition sidecar url or it is currently not supported?

Best wishes

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Hi Umar,

i just tried to reproduce but for me it works fine using the --dmsServer parameter. Here is the entire cmd-line that I used:

enaio_redline_rendition-plus_setup_4.0.0-master.exe --unattendedmodeui none --mode unattended --installDir D:\enaio\rendition-plus --serviceName rendition-plus --serviceDisplayName rendition-plus --httpPort 8090 --cacheDir D:\enaio\rendition-plus\cache --dbDir D:\enaio\rendition-plus\db --jobDir D:\enaio\rendition-plus\job --tempDir D:\enaio\rendition-plus\temp --dmsServer

If you still can't get it to work, please provide your entire cmd-line, so I can try it with that.


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Hello Nicolai,

I tested it thoroughly - it is an issue with the configuration management system we use. For some reason, it doesn't transfer the provided argument to the installer in this one case.

It is weird, since it works for other installers and other parameters,  but whatever - it is our problem and we will figure it out. :)

Thank you for your quick response and valuable insight!

Best wishes

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