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How can NULL-values be queried using ResultService.getQueryResult?

I have an objecttype "billinginfo" with a boolean-field "watermarked" that has no default-value set.
Using the result service I can query and find documents that have the field set to true or false but not the ones where the field value is not yet set.


Is it possible to query NULL values with ResultService.getQueryResult or do I have to use ResultService.getEsqlResult:

http://localhost:8080/rest-ws/service/result/raw?esql=select * from [dms]:[billinginfo] where watermarked = null

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For now you will have to use the getEsqlResult endpoint. We know about this limitation of the getQueryResult endpoint and are working on a solution for future releases.

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Beginning with version 4.5 you can query empty fields via Search API, as documented here:
https://developer.enaio.org/display/DD/Search Service API

"basisdocument.status": {
  "o": "eq",
  "v1": null                // for any field: This query returns documents that have no value in the named field.

The search for empty fields is also support by using search forms in the search dialog of the client. A click onto the field label signals search for an missing value.

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