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In esql it works like this but i get errors as term
BerGruppe='China' AND AvailableTill > currentdate()

How can i get the current date in a term or is it not possible?

In esql funktioniert die Abfrage wunderbar mit dem currentdate() aber leider bekomme ich es nicht in die Berechtigung/Klausel. Ist es nicht möglich oder muss ich es anders eingeben?

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If you use this clause in a select/view right, this will not work, because the search-service is not able to resolve dynamic parts in a condition - like currentdate(). This clause works for Update or Delete rights.
Background: The search services uses access control lists to resolve the user view right. Condtions are not resolved.

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Thx for the answer.
So how can i do it?
The customer wants that the Person can see a Document, until the Date is not in past
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Add a status field. Set status field by job to corresponding value if date is reached.