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Hello together,

in the designer I would like to reference an index field of a folder object.

Unfortunately the overview of the fields the designer presents is not as expected. It shows some fields multiple times and others are missing. Has anybody else run into this issue?

It is only one object which causes trouble. Has anybody else run into this issue and/or has an idea how to solve this?

I use version 4.6.

Kind regards.

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Hello Christian,

thanks for providing your project-file. Here is what I found out.

  • The "name" field which you want to reference has the type StringEx (long string). This is currently not supported. You will have to change the fieldtype to string in order to be able to use it as a reference field. The string type can be configured to a maximum length of 4000 characters (mssql db) or 2000 characters (oracle db). I hope this will be sufficient for your needs.
    Since it is technically possible, I will file a change request to also support long string fields for references. So if you need this type, please hang on until one of the next releases.
  • The reason why some fields show up several times in the selection list is that only the display names of the fields are shown and the type "Kunde" acutally has several fields with the same display name (including the table columns). But you are right that this makes it hard to choose the desired field and we should additionally show the technical name. I will also file a change request for that.

I hope this helped.

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Hello Nicolai,

thank you for the effort. This will help us :)
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Hello Christian,

from the information presented I can not really tell what the problem is but if you attach your project file and tell me from which field you are trying to reference to which other field, I will have a closer look into it.

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If it is fine for you I'll send it via email directly to you.
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OK, go ahead.
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hm, why should it be neccessary to reference something which has a really long text? Isn´t it ok for normal strings as reference field

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In our case the normal string is sufficient.
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Hi Christian,

from designer 4.10 we will be using technical names as primary display name of fields and objects, so it will be possible to nonambiguously use fields as references even if they have the same neutral name (as it was the case in your example).

best regards