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I am looking for a way to prevent a user from cutting out an object and pasting it into another folder.

The documentation states that this is related to the edit rights in the designer. I need the user to be able to edit indexdata of this object though.

How do I realise this behavior?

Thanks for your help.

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There is no way to prevent the cutting for users with edit rights.
May be that we can offer an object type right 'Allow change of context' similar to the sharing functionality.

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Additional questions:

  1. Why do you need this restriction. Isn't an operating instructions enough to not move objects?
  2. Would it be enough to handle this requirement as object type attribute like the sharing function?
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Great questions.

1. I have never heard of operating instructions and the Admin/User documentation search did not come up with any results. Can you elaborate on that?
2. Sure, that would work great.
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Additional info to question 1.:
The meaning of 'oprating instruction' was one concerning the organisation:
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Oh we were discussing if you were talking about that, but dismissed it my bad.

The risk that a user creates an undefined state in the application by doing a wrong click is too high for us.
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OK, we discussed a bit more:

So, we do not have an objecttype right 'move' as well as an objecttype attribute 'Allow moving', nor do we have a context folder right 'moving',
and to see the move something like a process with copy -> paste into new context -> delete old,
we judge the current behavior as bug, because we don´t check whether the user has the right to delete objects of this type.
So we will fix the bug in this way for the next release after 4.8.