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Hello together,

we have a document created within a context folder. One of the index fields of that document is referencing the name-field of the current context folder. We achieve that by defining the data source of that field in the designer to "contextfolder.name".

Now we move (cut & paste) that document into another context folder. The type of the context folder is the same, just another instance.

Unfortunately the value of the index field of the document does not update automatically. It still references the name-field of the old context folder but we expect the value to be filled with the name-value of the new context folder.

Is there a way to achieve that or is it supposed to happen automatically and it is a bug?

Kind regards

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This "works as designed".
In this case, you should better configure the field attribute 'Use as context field' of the context folder. These fields are offered in the search forms and as column in the result list of child object types.

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Ok. Thanks for the answer

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