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I have defined fields for an object type which are filled by extracted data automatically (designer -> aliases).

Can I trigger the extraction in case of using the rest-ws (DmsService.createItemContent, DmsService.createItemContentList, DmsService.createItemWithContentList)?

Or is there another job which gives me the extracted data filled in the correct index data fields?

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If an extraction for a field is defined the index data should be filled automatically by using any of the mentioned methods. The extraction data is NOT applied to the index data if:

  1. The index data for the mapped field is already set, by user input or
    by a default value.
  2. The extraction service does not provide data for the given alias.

You can check the extraction data for a object content by using DmsService.getItemContentExtractionData

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What is the meaning of "already set"? Does it mean, if the object already exists?
Because replacing a document content with a new file also doesn´t write the extraction values to "empty" (no value respectively empty string) fields?
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A field is "already set", if it is not NULL and not a empty string. Only in this case the extraction data will not be applied. Existing index data for a field is not replaced.
If you use DmsService.createItemWithContentList: If the field value is supplied in the index data json or if a default value as given in the systemdefinition, a extraction value will not be set.

Is the extraction data for the field visibible if you manually create a object using the client "Create object" functionality?
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Yes, if I manually create one using the client, the extraction data is filled.
If I take the same file and replace the content of a "indexdata-empty" object, the values are not filled - same experience to my API call. (used version is 4.2)
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Sorry, I've to correct my above list and statement.
The third and most important reason why extraction data is not applied is: The object must be a new object. Only during creation (as version 1) the extraction data is applied to the index data fields.
But I assume it is quite easy to support your requirement.
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Ok, so how can it be achieved to update the extraction data?

Is there a planned development like an additional parameter for the named endpoints in which I can toggle the update?
Or could I initiate one? :-)
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There is a new development task created now (COOL-8315), that will support an additional rest call query parameter. This parameter will be used to control the extraction behaviour, if content is replaced.
I assume, but don't now for sure, that the product version 4.8 - maybe 4.7 - will support this.
At the moment there is no extra call or parameter you can use. Except doing it manually with a combination of DmsService.getItemContentExtractionData and DmsService.updateIndexData.