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Is there a way or will there be a way to import/export catalogues into the designer?

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Right now there is unfortunately no way of importing or exporting catalogues. We are planning on offering a facette in the designer where you get the json representation of the catalogue. You can then edit the data either in-place or copy it to your favorite editor and edit it there.

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For catalogs change it's content rapidly we use a dynamic list type, so that no scheme updates are required.

Storing catalogs requires some client folder customization.
Catalogs are stored as .txt files in "lists" folder, that is create in server under "client" folder. For default installation the path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\OPTIMAL SYSTEMS\enaio\service-manager\data\webresource\public\client".

Then in form script we call ajax to update dynamic list content of the field, example of code:

I can't find a working solution on how to nicely post the code sample.
The post formats itself automatically ignoring where I put code blocks.

/** start of code block ****/
var entries = $.makeArray($.map(data.split('\r\n'),function(v){

var a = v.split('|'); //delimiter of description and value in .txt file
value = {value: a[0]};
if (a[1]) {
  value.description = a[1];
return value; 



config: { allelementsselectable: true },
entries: entries

/** end of code block ****/

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Note: The above snippet works only in the 3.x version. To use jquery is not possible in 4.x. The cookbook example will be updated.
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May be you use dynamic list fields instead of catalog ones?

See an example here: How to use dynamic lists instead of catalogs

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Just a little comment to this:
We´re using dynamic lists for now, but the automation of changing the catalog is a bit cumbersome :-)
You manually have to build an import for the catalog entries and each time the catalog entries change, you have to manually trigger that import for the specified catalog. So, the solution suggested by Ingus is nice - you only have to change the catalog file and it is usable :-)