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the enaio developer from script documentation mentions this:

Callbacks on 'scope'

Current: none
Planned: beforeSave()

When can we approximately expect this feature?

We have many use cases that would benefit greatly from this. Mostly automatically generating dependant documents. Any work arounds would also be very appreciated.

Thank you very much. :)

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This feature runs with low priority yet and therefore its still waiting in the backlog.

Please, can you describe in more detail the use cases you want to supported by a callback?

And: If you need to do something after save you may use a microservice listening to the message service and reacting to the changes. There a such microservices developed yet by participants of this portal.
Documentation of the Message Service:

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Great the hint with the message service is just what I needed. Thanks alot.

We basicly just needed a way to call a microservice at the time of saving a document to create dependencies.