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We have the requirement to create a certain number when a field has a specific value. At the moment the counter only works when you save the object and open it again. Is there a solution for this problem?

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Have you tried to use the default values for the counter?

Field type has to be Integer(long) and the default value for the field is taken from a counter:

In that case, the value is pre-filled in the client:

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Please, can you explain your requirement ab bit more concret (little workflow)?

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To make it more clear:

We use a counter field for generating a syntax for a file number. The counter is not activated (field is empty) on creating the object. After filing the object, the counter field is filled.

So in our case, in the generated file number the counter part is missing. The workaround is to open this object, change some index data and save it again. Thats not a useful workaround.

By the way: this "counter" field type is not worth its name :-)
Is there a plan to implement a counter like the one in enaio blue? (with syntax definition)

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You can handle the counter with more such functionality in the way Bratislav has explained below. In this case you can format with the support of Java, see link in the documentation.

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