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These are the three possibilities to configure booleans and when to use it:

  1. Boolean data field + default value = true/false + mandatory field:
    -> Only 2 states are offered in the client.
    -> This is how you get a yes/no field where you prefer a value for users in advance

  2. Boolean data field +default value = null + mandatory field:
    -> In the client, zero is offered first, then it goes through 2 states
    -> You use this setting when you want to force a decision from the user,
    -> but no value offered/preferred in advance
    (this means that the user has to actively decide - it is not enough to simply click on forward)

  3. Boolean data field + any default value:
    o Three states are offered in the client
    o Usable in cases where users need a choice between yes/no/don't know