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We have a sinlge object A. This one has a field which should allow the user to find a specific instance of object B. Objects A and B have different "types". It is possible to reference one single field of object B from that field of object A.

But our customer is asking for the possibility of using 3 different fields of object B in order to find the specific instance of object B. For example by using an adress, idnumber or a name.

That means as a result: the field of object A must somehow reference all 3 different fields of object B, so the user can use 3 different values in order to find this specific instance of object B.

Is there a possibility to achieve that?

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We are using so called "reference fields". In your case in the object B create a read only field that is automatically concatenated from 3 fields you would like to use as a reference (e.g. address # idnumber # name - "Berlin, Cicerostrasse 26 # 0001 # Optimal Systems"). Then create a reference to this field.

Maybe there is better solution Optimal Systems can suggest?

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We do it in the same way. Martin already mention the upcomming feature
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Thank you for the answers.

One last question. We are creating this field of object B via form-Script during the creation of the object. In order to access this field it needs to be in the formular and is therefor visible to the user. Is there a property to make this field invisible aka hidden?
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Try this:
$('[placeholder="Reference field name"]').closest('.form-field').hide()
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In the backlog for this year, there is a user story that should fit the this requirement:
We will introduce reference fields from type ID. A Control should offer a simple search form left hand side, a resultlist in the middle and a preview right hand side. The marked item in the list can be taken over and the ID of this object will be stored into field, but the title of the object is presented.