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We are using an angular-app hosted on an additional server and a Yuuvis custom service which needs to receive additional headers.

Therefore we need a way to configure CORS in the gateway configuration to allow additional headers.
see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Access-Control-Allow-Headers.
Is there already a proper setting for this? I haven't found anything in the manual.


Thanks and best regards,

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Hi Martin,

you can add the following section to your <service-manager>\config\gateway-prod.yml file to control if CORS is enabled or not and what domains, headers and methods are allowed. The shown values for headers and methods are the default values (you don't have to list them) and can be extended as you desire.

cors.enabled: true
cors.domains: qa-rad.yuuvis.com
  - X-Requested-With
  - Content-Type
  - Accept
  - Origin
  - Authorization
  - HEAD
  - GET
  - POST
  - PUT

Best regards

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Hi Nicolai,

seems to be exactly what we need...

many thx and rgds

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