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Hi community

Is it possible to ignore or filter a specific word when doing a full text search?
Use case: We have a customer where the name of the company is mostly on every metadata and document. That means when the search input for a full text seach contains the company name, a lot of not neccessary hits will be found.

Thank you and reagards

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Hi Mathias,

hmm, I do not understand your question. If the user has entered the company name because he wants to get specific objects for this why should this name then be ignored? So he will get nothing.

BR Martin

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Hi Martin
As described in the question, the name of the company is mostly on every document or metadata. That means that for this company, the use case to search only for the company name in yuuvis does not exist because nearly every object will be returned. This is limited to the full text search. When searching for specific metadata, the company name should be included to find the results.
The aim is not to include the company name in the search for queries with multiple words.