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Hello yuuvis team,

https://yuuvisdevelop.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/onpremise/pages/319620482/Customizing the Client Preview
there is a documentation how to include custom viewers. We included one and just pass the URL of the file to view, as shown in the examples.

Now we want to store the file zipped (gzip), but this viewer can only handle unzipped files. Is there any possibility (maybe parameter in the url to the file) to call the unzipped file?

file.xy -> viewer -> show

file.xyz is stored in yuuvis -> viewer receives file.xy -> show

Have a nice weekend,


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Hi Stefan,

a content-file stored in yuuvis RAD is not processed or changed in any way - due to compliance reasons. For generating the preview the rendition-plus component unzips a local copy of compressed files and tries to generate a preview pdf of the contents. This pdf file is saved in the rendition-cache.
Therefore out-of-the-box you only have the choice of the original zip-file or the generated pdf-preview file.
If desired you could adapt the processing route in rendition-plus to not generate pdf-preview files but simply unzip compressed files and save the result as the preview-pdf. However this may only be a single file - so what if the zip contains several files? And what if it is not the expected file-type?
A better solution would probably be to implement a custom microservice that does the unzipping for you. So you could pass the viewer a URL to the custom-microservice with a reference to the content-file and when called the microservice retrieves this file, unzips it and returns the result.

Hope that helps.
Best regards

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