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Hello all
What all needs to be done to be able to outsource Abbyy FineReader 12 to another server? Do I need to offload the OCR microservice as well and how do I connect it to the rest of the microservices?

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Hello Enno,

yes it is possible to do it. The following has to be done:
- Install FineReader 12 on the new server
- Install the Service-Manager on the new server
- Enable only the OCR-Microservice and the Framework Microservices - Admin and Discovery
- Edit the file <service-manager>\config\application-cloud.yml and add the address of the existing server to defaultZone Parameter as shown in the commented example one line below
- Do the same on the existing server for the new server (add new server to defaultZone)
--> This connects the service-manager installations so that they cluster.
- Make sure all configuration files (except servicewatcher-sw.yml) are identical on both servers, even if the microservice is not active on one server. The configurations are read on an arbitrary server and then exchanged with all clustered servers.
- The OCR-Service will connect to the rendition-plus database via the rendition-sidecar. So make sure the according ports are open.

Best regards