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Currently I want to store the data encrypted in my Yuuvis RAD 8.14/8.16. In the meantime I have also received the necessary information from OS support on how to enable repository encryption from Yuuvis RAD 8.2. In the media in the management you can enable encryption. The entry "Internal" as selectable entry is an entry that seems to be only "half-ready" as in the "internal keys-section" there ist no algorithm behind it - why?

-Why can I set a key only on an internal media (hdd) and not on an external media (S3-bucket)?
I have to encrypt data written to a bucket!
(see picture below)

-Can I activate encryption in a system where documents and data have already been stored without losing the already stored documents?
-> I already tried it and old documents can still be accessed (unencrypted) and I didn't face data-loss. So far so good.

The help page here does not go into detail - the management of keys should be described as first step here:

-Do I have any influence on the encryption strength or algorithm?
-> It seems, when I configure custom keys, rights?

-Can I backup encryption keys to protect myself from data loss?
-> hm probably with custom keys this should be possible but what about internal keys:
- is every "internal key the same and therefore I can access after a system crash?

-Can I access a S3 dataset with identical encryption from two core servers sharing a DB?
(Or if server 1 fails build a "successor" in such a way that I can still access the data, which goes with the previous question).

-In the admin help for Yuuvis I did find parameters, however they are not very informative to me - is this information relevant?

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Thank you for your detailed question we currently do not answer in our documentation. We will do this the next time. You will be contacted this week getting some more information that will help you to configure your systems as needed.

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I have same requirement as this, can you share the configuration with me?