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I just did some tests with an external S3 (bucket) storage:
I added a second work storage, switched it to active and did some tests by saving some files to Yuuvis RAD. After that, I re-enabled the internal "standard work" storage in my "default work set".
Since there are still files on the external storage, I can't currently delete the S3 storage (which is OK up to here).

Now how can I migrate (move) all the external S3 objects to my internal storage so that I can delete the 2nd storage ?
I have also searched here: https://help.optimal-systems.com/yuuvisRAD/v80/admin/en/administration/operations/ops_con_operations.htm
but unfortunately didn't find the right option there.

As I think moving files from one storage (and or media set) to another is a very important this should be possible and also be described (and perhaps should be available by a default operation)
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Hi Enno,

you can use the "synchronize storage" operation to copy all files from one storage to another.

After that you can use the "cleanup storage" operation to delete all files that have at least one other location from the selected storage.

Since synchronize storage made sure all files are on at least one other storage all files can and will be deleted from the selected storage (S3).

After the successful run of the cleanup storage operation you can delete the storage.

Best regards