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a quick question about Yuuvis RAD 8.12 and how to deal with attached files:
How can I prevent users from deleting document files even though the file is mandatory in that document type?
(Deleting the entire document should still be possible).
Also relevant: How can I restrict document files from being replaced?

Any way is welcome: Designer setting, right, script

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I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, but I would propose to use this setting:

(or you have used it already but it does not prevent you from removing the file?)

For replacement, I will check and let you know.

best regards,

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Hello, I used exactly this setting (as shown in your screenshot) and after that I was able to delete the attached file and I did not find any option to prevent this. In my opinion there is a missing right to set this. (just like the right to replace an attachment or not)
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OK, I accepted this as a bug, so the ticket is: TUK-1599

The fix will come with the next hotfix delivery for 7.16 LTS and with 8.16 LTS.

In the case the object is configured to contain a file mandatory:
The client should not offer the delete action
The backend should report an error when requesting the deletion

Best Regards, Martin

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