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We have since the update to 7.16LTS version a new strange behaviour.
Sometimes, not reproducable till now, we get the message "unable to display format", even if the format is pdf.
For *.zip-files it's ok and understandable but for all the others?

We can reload the page (e.g. F5) an with reloading the message dissapears and the preview is correctly.

How can we fix that?


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Hi Mike,

per default the client waits 30 seconds for a rendition to be available. If the creation of the rendition takes longer than that, the client will display the above message - but the rendering process will continue in the background until it is finished (or fails). If the rendition is available after reloading the page it seems that rendition-plus was able to render the rendition but it took longer than 30 seconds - this is probably due to a slow system and a resulting overloaded rendition-plus. Please make sure you have sufficient resources available to fix this problem.
If you think the problem is caused by something else, please contact our support.

Best regards