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Dear yuuvis team, I'm using the very convenient aggregate feature to find all folders with any modification within the current week. We currently have a total of less than 8.000 folders, so I might set size to 10.000 or even 100.000, but of course it would be more elegant to set it to unlimited, since that's what I really want (although in practice anything beyond 1.000 is very unlikely).

I tried

"size": -1

but that returns an error.

"size": 0

does not seem to have any effect.

What do you recommend?

BTW, the URLs in the help page are wrong, for aggregate it must be


(The search/ part is missing.)

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Dear Stephan,

Its’s not possible to set the number of buckets to unlimited.
The maximum number of buckets allowed in a single response is limited by a dynamic cluster setting named search.max_buckets. It defaults to 65,535, requests that try to return more than the limit will fail with an exception.


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OK, thanks, Irina.