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We have an abstract object type from which most documents derive, since they all share the metadata properties subject, date and status. We cannot set default values or aliases for the inherited fields in the derived object types in Schema Designer, so we tried an alias in the abstract type, but when we try to deploy the Designer complains about misalignment on the DB. (Fixed default values in the abstract type work fine.)

The Designer does not forbid use of aliases in abstract object types, nor does the documentation say we shouldn't. What are we doing wrong?

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Hi Stephan,

the setting of aliases does not affect the database. This is most likely a separate problem. Could you please share the error message and maybe the stacktrace of the core-service.log where this error happens.

Best regards

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The error message we see in Designer is "Tables could not be updated: one or more unresolvable database divergences". The core-service.log shows a myriad of errors regarding colum updates with NULL values in non-nullable columns. The objects and fields come from objects that were not touched in the update.

I made the following observation: when I create a project from a snapshot, then change the field to have the desired alias, then deploy, I get the above mentioned error message; however, the extraction rule is now active. Now when I create a new project from a snapshot and deploy, there is no error.

During the whole process I am not making any database changes, just adding the alias.

To me, this looks like a Designer bug.

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