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our user would like to get notified via Mail if a new file is added to a specific folder.

I tried to solve this by adding a subscription to the folder. But then I get only notified if the index data of the folder is changed.

Is it possible add such a subscription?
If yes, is it possible to further filter the subscription. For example: Only notify me if a file is added to the structure X

Thank you in advance,

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Hi schulerb,

at the moment objects can only notify about changes on themselves (folders only about metadata changes, documents about metadata and content-file changes - you can choose which one or both when creating the subscription) but not on children objects.

As always, if it is important to you, please write an email to pm[at]optimal-systems.de and explain why.

Best regards

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Hello Nicolai,

I have written a mail to product managament.

Thank you,

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