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Dear OS Team

We have real problems with the rendition. One of our customers told us, that he can't load a rendition of an older version of an attachement. E.g. the rendition of the current version is working, but the older version doesn't work. So the customer can't see any attachment of older versions.
Unexpected server response.
PDF.js v2.8.335 (build: 228adbf67)
Message: Unexpected server response (500) while retrieving PDF

Our customer told us, that this appears with 9 new documents out of 2'600 documents.
If we check the rendition folder, no pdf-directory exists.

How can we start the rendition-service to create the renditions again? Do you know this problem?

Kind regards

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Hi Mike,

could you please contact our support, that is better channel for such questions/isses than the forum (which is more for informal exchange of information)

best regards,

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Hi Mike,

I was able to reproduce this behaviour. We will fix this with version 7.16 and as a hotfix for 7.14 (presumably). Look for TUK-716 in the bugfixlog.

Best regards