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we want to set specific values of a row based on the complete table/information in other rows.
Our code is as follows:

function fauskuenfteOnRowEdit(table, row) {

    if ( 
       table.value.filter(entry => entry.fausjahr === row.model.fausjahr.value).length === 1
    ) {
        row.deleteEnabled = false;

(unnecessary parts omitted)

The code itself does as it should behave, however when we are inside a table and delete an entry, then the next entry is selected, the onRowEdit function is called and executed.

The problem is: table still has the entry of the just deleted entry. Even if you close the table view and reopen it it still has all values that exist since opening the object (so saving it and reopening shows the desired behaviour with a "few" extra steps).

We also tried to use the table data directly (scope.model.fauskuenfte instead of table) but this variable is also not updated fast enough (contains the deleted value on time of check) but reselecting a row fixes the wrong calculation.

Shouldn't the table contain the current table that is displayed?
Or is there any scope object that contains these values?
This must be accessible somewhere, as it is displayed for the user, right?

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Hello Vadim (?),

we have analyzed this problem and are sorry: it's a bug that we have to fix this.
Please, report this via support and we will fix this soon.

Best Regards,

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