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Dear OS-Team,

both the action "Abonnement anlegen" and "Wiedervorlage anlegen" contains a checkbox "Benachrichtigung per E-Mail".

Is it possible to disable this checkbox e.q. based on a role? I have seen, if the user does not have an e-mail address, than the checkbox is deactivated. But we are using ldap so I assume every user has automatically his email synched.

Thank you

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Hello together,

thanks for the input. We will take this into account and make it configurable in one of the next version.

As a workaround, at least for the scenario where you are importing the email addresses via AD Sync, you can just delete the following line from the usergroup-synchronisation-config.xml file and the address will not be synced anymore.

<fieldmapping sourceName="mail" targetName="sysemail"/>

Best regards

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Thank you, Nicolai. As a follow up, has the configuration option made it into the current release?

JFYI the workaround is not viable for us, since we use the value to print contact information on letters that our users create directly in yuuvis.
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This would be very useful if no SMTP connection is configured and thus no emails will ever be sent, as is the case in our client's environment.

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