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Hello OS team,

right now we are having difficulties to set the default language for retrieving data via the rest-ws endpoint. As you can see in the provided picture the core service is set to "de" default locale.

However if we request an object of which the title contains a date the date is returned in the wrong locale.

Using the header "Accept-Language: de" returns it in the wanted format:

To avoid setting the header individually for each request where this is needed manually, how can we set up the core service to always return the "de" localised strings and only specifically in another languages if the header is provided?


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Hello Vadim,

right now it is not configurable. The core-service falls back to english if no "Accept-Language" header is passed.
Please write to our product management at pm[at]optimal-systems.de if you have the requirement that this behaves differently.

Best regards

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Hello Vadim,

this seems to be a bug, so, please, open a bug ticket via our support.

Best Regards