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Dear OS Team,
as far as I know, with yuuvis 7.x some service (e.q. BPM) come with Java 11.
I have following questions:

  1. Is every yuuvis service running on Java 11 in yuuvis Version 7.x?
  2. Is it possible for our custom microservices to run with Java 11 in yuuvis 7.x ?
  3. Are there additional steps or documentation how to upgrade yuuvis rad to Java 11 ?

Thank you

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Hello Dennis,

  1. yes, every service will be running Java 11 in yuuvis RAD 7.x
  2. it is not only possible but the default for all microservices (including custom ones) to run with Java 11
  3. The JDK will be automatically exchanged when running the 7.x Setup.

Best regards