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Hello yuuvis-Team,

when composing a BPM in designer, I can add checks for "Protokollierung" for different events, e.g. WORKITEM_COMPLETE, WORKITEM_PERSON, WORKITEM_SAVE, ACTIVITY_CREATE and several more.
There is also the possibility to add own comments.

BUT: Where are those protocolls stored? I do not find them in yuuvis client. I do not find them in yuuvis management "process" area.


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Hi Stefan,

you can find the protocols in the bpm log file in the core-service logs folder.
If you don't see anything there check here if the bpm log is enabled and if the logging-level is appropriate.

Best regards

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Hi Stefan,

actually, we had a bug here that we have fixed with yuuvis RAD 7.8.

The additional comment will be written to the process history.
If model/activity is configured so that events are published (checking the "eye" on events in Logging section in designer), the event and the comment will be visible in client history, since client shows only the published events.
management studio shows all events, and contains complete history of a process.

Here is a screenshot how it looks like in mgmt studio:

("ac" was the comment I wrote in designer to indicate event "Activity Created"). Note that these extra comments cannot be localized and are more of a tool for making development of models a bit easier. So it is good practice to remove them from productive models and leave client do its magic :)

best regards,

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