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Hello yuuvis-team,

I am trying to delete an item out of the users`s favorites while being subscribed to userService.favorites$ and userService.getFavorites().

userService.removeFavorite() succeeds returning "null", then the subscriptions deliver a new array of favorites - but one still containing the removed favorite!

Adding a new favorite using userService.createFavorite() does not show this phenomenon - after success, the subscriptions return a new array of favorites containing the newly created one.

This is really annoying:
The user still sees the (removed) favorite. Trying to remove it again results in an error (404 not found - sounds reasonable though, it was removed!)

Is this a bug in @eo-sdk/core (6.12.0), in yuuvis (6.16.2) or am I doing something wrong?


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Updateing @eo-sdk/core to 6.16.2 doesn`t help, btw. Seems logic, I guess the issue is in the backend.

Any clue about this anybody?

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Hi Stefan,

this seems to be a bug. I have created this internal Ticket for our analyses: DB-5366

But it could be good to report this bug to support@optimal-systems.de so that the bugfix-process will go well.

We will probably deliver the bugfix with the next hotfix.

Kind Regards
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Hello Martin,

thanks. I sent the bug once more, as requested.

Kind Regards,

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