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since Vers. 4.3 I sometimes have a Global Domain and a Standarddomain in my enaio Designer. (see Image)

This does not match up, with the folderstructure that my colleagues have in their Designers.
As you can see in the screenshot there are 2 Dokuments, that I had no idea that they even existed, because it did not show in my Designer. (I deleted the Dokument just before this occured) Now I am dealing with Type missmatches because I have multiple Dokuments with the same persistance name etc.

What causes this and how do I fix this?


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Hi Peter,

thank you for reporting the issue.
We have created the ticket for it (DB-2730) and will work on fixing it.

Until the issue is fixed, did Nicolai's workaround help you, so that you no longer see the global domain and its types?

Best regards,

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Deleting the object and restarting the designer worked just fine.

The real issue here is, that while in the normal perspective, I did not see these documents in the global scope. This was causing DB conflicts (e.g. multiple ducuments with persistance name document), where I had no idea what caused it because there was no document at all in my schema.
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Hi Peter,

we have attempted to reproduce the issue you have reported, but we could not find the path that leads to creation of documents in the global scope. (We could see that they were created in the schema you have sent us, but we need to realize how does it happen). The other issues you mention are most likely the consequences of this main problem.

Our support will contact you for further details and work with you on finding the issue that causes the Document to land in global part.

best regards,
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Hello Peter,

you should never see the global domain in the designer / schema. This is a corrupt state of the schema. I can't tell you exactly how it happened but somehow the schema must have been corrupted while working with it in the designer. I will forward this to the Designer-Team.

To solve the problem you can try to create a new project-file from the active system. If it does not contain the global domain part, everything is fine and you can continue working. If not, create a new project-file from the standard template and drag & drop everything except the global domain parts from the existing project into the new one. If you can activate the new project without problems, delete the old one.

Hope this helps.