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is it possible to configure multiple "routing.defaultEntryPoint" entries?

Multiple Clients are working well, if we provide just the base Url of our clients..
but if Users share subroutes of client(s) which are not located in same directory as the client which refers to base href, they'll get a "white label error"...

Do you have any Idea how i could solve this routing / base ref problem?

Many thx in advance

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Hi Martin,

the defaultEntryPoint only controls where to redirect if nothing more than just the gateway URL is called. So for example if you call http://<gateway-ip> you get redirected to http://<gateway-ip>/enaio/client/index.html. Obviously there can not be more than one default redirection.
Unless I misunderstood, there is no deterministic way to decide what client is meant by the shared subroute of a user, so, I think, the only way to resolve this is to tell the users to share complete URLs instead of only parts of it.

Best regards

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