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Hello OS Team,

currently we have a records with documents in it. These documents have a field category which is displayed in the structure tree of the record.
Because we want the users to see all available categories, even when no document with this category exists, the different values are added to the "showemptylist" property.

Now it gets a little tricky, if we want different user or group rights on the categories.
I managed to filter the catalog values via scripting in the form script of the document.
So a user which has no right for the category cannot add a document with that category.

Is it also posible to filter the showmeptylist values, so only user with a specific right group can see the entry in the structure tree?

Thank you for your answer in advance,

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Sorry, it is not possible to script the structure tree dynamically by script.
The most easiest way, would be to not use the showempty and showemptylist property at all. But in this case the requirement to use the entries for creating new objects can not be met.

Maybe it is possible to use the contextfoldercondition property together with #CURRENTUSER#. But this depends on the context folder fields and it is not possible to use the user roles and groups.

I can give no better answer at the moment. If a solution must be found, we can discuss a product enhancement together with or product management.

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the problem does not need an immediate solution, it is just confusing for the users.
When they see structure elements for which they don't have access rights.
Maybe it could be considered as a feature for future releases.

Thank you for your answer.

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