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Dear OS-Team,

currently we are facing a problem with our indexing. Objects in the index have different values compared to the database.

The question arises, which objects are actually returned by dms:sysobject? We will get 24.3607 hits but our frontend only shows 3202 objects.

We started the indexing process several time but no change. Which value is the correct amount of objects?

Thank you

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Dear Dennis,

as I know, the right value you can see as result from "Testen"-Statement.

I also think, that you have some rigths and roles problem. Becouse of that in fronted you can find only 3202 objects.


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I am using the System-Admin-Role, so I should be able to see all Objects. Could it be that dms:sysobject returns all objects in the database including deleted or recycled ones?
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Hello Dennis,
select * from dms:sysobject returns all objects in the system that are not deleted/recycled and that are visible to the currently logged in user.
select * from dms:sysobject (include recycle bins) return the above but includes all recycled objects. (Hard) Deleted objects are completely gone and can't be seen / recovered anymore.
I am guessing it might be a rights-problem in your case. Please check if the system-admin-role has access to all object types.

Best regards
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Hello Nicolai,
just double checked it.
System-Admin-Role has all rights for all objects in the schema.
I am currently logged in with root (has System-Admin-Role)

I test eSql statement: "select * from dms:sysobject" and get 243.946 hits.

With the same user, I log in to /enaio/client/dashboard and see only 3.541 objects.

Any other suggestions, I can check?

Best regards,
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Did you maybe delete an object-type that still had (lots) of objects in the system?
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Oh that could be very possible. I think this explains the issue.
Thank you!