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Hi OS,

is it possible, to change the behaviour in the form search? At the moment, the search will find the object, when the exact search term is written in a field. Is it also possible, to find the object when only a part si given in the search form?

There is a field with the name "description".
There is an object with the value "This is a description" in this field.
There will be a match when exactly searching the value "This is a description" but no match when searching the value "description".

I know I can find this by adding a * but this is not convenient for users who don't know about placeholders.

Regards, Mathias

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Hello Mathias,

no, this is not configurable. You can either use wildcards (*, ?) in the indexdata fields of the form or use the fulltext field which does a fuzzy search as you desire - just not only on the desired field but over all available fields (+ content file fulltext).

In general, if your searchterm is sufficiently selective, then the fulltext search will return the desired object just as well as the form field (with wildcard(s)) would. If not, then you will have to specify more search criteria anyway to find your desired object and you can combine these specific criteria with the fulltext search.

Best regards

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