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We have an object where users want to bulk-add a list of references which may be hundreds of items long. Is there a way to do this other than selecting search results one by one?

A Select all checkbox or mouse gesture in the Add reference dialogue would solve our problem, since adding a single reference or a few works well by selecting the object(s) in a search result and using the Copy objects function. When opening the Add reference dialogue, copied objects are available even without performing a search.

Only, objects must be selected one by one, which is not an option for hundreds of objects. Holding the shift key when clicking on the last object didn't do the job either.

Is there any other way to add hundreds of pre-selected references conveniently?

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Hello Stephan,

could you please give us some details about how your use case looks like? Maybe there is a better solution than having >100 entries in a multi-selection field in the indexdata form.

Best regards